We offer a vast array of classes from beginners to advanced

At Triple Menace Studios, we offer a vast array of classes for the beginner to the more advanced.

Description of Classes


Jazz is the most versatile of all dance styles. Its broad range of dance movement allows students to develop a strong technique and build a sound understanding of many different styles of choreography. Due to its exposure on television shows, music videos and commercials, jazz is a very popular and exciting style to dance and watch.


Tap is a great way to build rhythm and coordination. Students will be trained with the Glenn Wood Tap syllabus. This syllabus is taking Australia by storm with its modern yet technical structure. Unlike many other syllabi, Glenn Wood tap is still fun and energetic, leaving the students motivated and entertained.

Hip Hop

Students will be trained in all styles of hip-hop, ranging from old school to crump. An expressive style, students are allowed to develop their own individual flavor while being trained and guided by some of Australia’s best hip hop artists. A popular dance form that combines free movement and modern expression, building rhythm and musicality.


A form of dance that draws on modern dance movement. Contemporary differs from ballet allowing students a more free and expressive range of motion, while still teaching them strong technique, balance and flexibility. With its modern techniques and innovative ideas, contemporary is increasing in popularity.


Ballet provides students with the discipline, strength, flexibility, poise and posture that provides the foundation for technique needed for many other dance forms. From barre to centre work, students will be trained with the RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) ballet syllabus. RAD is the most recognised and prestigious syllabus in the world and students will be given the opportunity to sit for exams if they wish. The prestigious RAD syllabus is the training syllabus used for the majority of professional ballet dancers all around the world.

Singing and Drama Production Class

At Triple Menace Studios, we pride ourselves on the versatility of our students. All drama and singing students work toward starring in a musical theatre production at the end of the year. Our students are trained on auditioning, rehearsing and performing for the show. Working towards these productions is very rewarding for the students and a lot of fun.


Acrobatics makes a dancer stand out in a crowd. Students will learn basic tumbling to aerials to give them more tools in their belt, while improving their flexibility, coordination and movement. Our acrobatics classes are very popular. Students of all abilities are encouraged to work at their own level to learn exciting new tricks.


Lyrical is a beautiful style of dance which is a popular class at our studio. It fuses together ballet, jazz and contemporary. The movements are characterised by fluidity and grace with the dancer flowing seamlessly from one move to the other. It also incorporates technical training.

Kicks Turns Jumps & Tricks

This class gives students the chance to focus on their technique in kicks, turns and jumps and also wow audiences with fantastic tricks. This class is directed to the serious student, who wishes to perfect their jazz technique.

Private Lessons

Students wishing to improve technique or enter into solos at eisteddfods are encouraged to take on private lessons, which generally run for half an hour. We also provide private singing lessons. If you are interested, speak to the office to organize a time suitable for the student and teacher.

Boys Only Classes

Although boys are encouraged to join any class they wish, sometimes they feel more comfortable being with just the boys. Our boy’s only break dancing classes are filled with positivity, discipline and fun.

Mini Mover's

These classes keep kids stimulated while having fun. They also build their focus, coordination and motor skills. This is a great class for the little ones to experience dance and movement in a comfortable and relaxed environment. Our teachers are well trained and experienced in helping with any shy or nervous new comers and are confident that your child will be running through the door in no time! All activities and classes are specifically focused and tailored for ages 6 and under, so the student will gain the most out of every class.


Age Groups

  • Mini Mover’s 2-4 years and 4-6 years
  • Pre Junior 6-9 years
  • Junior 9-12 years
  • Pre Senior 12-15 years
  • Senior 16 years and over