At Triple Menace Studios, we offer a vast range of classes in all genres from beginner to advanced. All of our classes are designed to enhance technique, style, performance quality, confidence, creativity and skill. See below for an overview of the classes we have on offer, click on each class to see class descriptions.


Jazz in an eclectic and energetic genre, fusing components of technique with style and movement quality to create a well-balanced class. Jazz can incorporate an array of styles within the style, including Broadway and Commercial.


Tap is a style that is heavily focused on creating sounds and textures through the feet. This genre assists in enhancing rhythm and coordination, whilst stimultaneously teaching components of musicality.

RAD Ballet

Ballet provides students with the discipline, strength, flexibility, poise and posture that provides the foundation for technique. From barre to centre work, students will be trained with the RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) ballet syllabus. RAD is the most recognised and prestigious syllabus in the world and students will be given the opportunity to sit for exams, should they choose to do so. The prestigious RAD syllabus is the training syllabus used for the majority of professional ballet dancers all around the world.


Lyrical is generally a fluid style that is driven by the lyrics of music, often emotive in its expression. It’s a style that incorporates technique developed in both jazz and ballet, fused with movement that is driven by individual artistry and creativity. 


A form of dance that draws on modern dance movement. Contemporary differs from ballet allowing students a more free and expressive range of motion, while still teaching them strong technique, balance and flexibility. With its modern techniques and innovative ideas, contemporary is increasing in popularity.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is derived from street dance styles primarily performed to hip hop music, or that have evolved as part of the hip hop culture. it includes a wide range of sub genres including Old School, New School, Vogue, Whacking, Crump, Breaking, House and more.

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre is the perfect style for the triple threat performer. It incorporates singing, dancing and acting, and is predominantly focused on building and developing characterisation for the purpose of storytelling.

Boys Only Hip Hop

Whilst all of our classes are open to boys and girls and we strongly encourage everyone to dance together, we have a demand for a Boys Only Hip Hop class – so here it is! This class is suitable for Beginner-Intermediate Level dancers from 6-12 years of age.

Kicks, Turns, Jumps & Tricks

A class that is solely focused on enhancing jazz technique, mostly in exercises that involve kicks, turns, jumps and skill-based tricks.


Acrobatics is the performance of skills that are developed from strength, balance, flexibility, agility and motor coordination. Various levels are provided to allow students to continue striving for greater competency in tricks.

Contemporary Tumbling & Technique

A class that focuses on developing in and out of the floor tumbling technique with fluidity and ease, in a safe and correct manner. Dancers will also learn movements and mat based tricks that can be used in their regular contemporary classes, ultimately enhancing their skillset in that style.

Mystery Classes

Mystery Classes are an opportunity for dancers to work with various industry professional teachers and choreographers, whilst also enhancing their versatility and adapatability. Each week students are surprised with a different teacher and a different style of dance.

Progressing Ballet Technique

PBT is an innovative body conditioning and strengthening program developed for dancers to understand the depth of training muscle memory in achieving their personal best. This class assists in core stability, weight placement and alignment, and is the perfect add-on class for students seeking to extend their classical technique.

Elite Troupe Program

Find out more about our Elite Troupe Program here.

Ballet Troupe Program

Our Ballet Troupe Program is an audition only program that is devoted to working on routines for performances and competitions. Dancers will get to utilise the skills and technique developed in their regular RAD classes, and intergreate them into a performance driven environment. 

Ready Set Move

READY SET MOVE is a creative movement and music class for toddlers (1-3 year olds) and their grown up. The class consists of 3 sections – ENGAGE, EXPLORE AND EXPRESS

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Ready Set Dance

READY SET DANCE classes are for 2-5 year olds and are specifically designed to appeal to boys and girls. A one hour combo class that includes jazz, tap, hip hop, singing, music and a whole lot of fun

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Ready Set Ballet

READY SET BALLET is a 30 minute magical ballet experience for 2-5 year olds where they learn the fundamentals of classical ballet.

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Our singing classes build the vocal abilites of our students by focusing on areas of tonality, rhythm, pitch and many other vocal techniques. Students will also get a chance to build on their repertoire in a array of styles. 


Acting is a facet of performing arts that encompasses the skill of storytelling through the adoption of a role and character. Our acting classes develop a broad range of skills, including a perceptive imagination, emotional facility, physical expressivity, vocal projection, clarity of speech, and the ability to interpret drama. 

Private Tuition

At TMS, we offer private lessons for students who wish to improve upon their technique and/or performance quality. Additionally, we also offer privates to those students who would like to learn a solo for the purpose of entering eisteddfods. Our private tuition can be in form of singing, dancing or acting.

Aerial - Silks, Lyra and More

Our aerial classes cater to students that are beginners-advanced. Just like acro, all students can work at their own level. This will be strictly limited capacity to ensure the integrity of the class. First in, best dressed!

Flexibility Program

This program is aimed at taking your flexibility to the next level. Highly recommended for dancers that are very tight all the way through to dancers that are quite flexible. Each will work at their own level.

Students will begin with an assessment by the highly regarded ‘Dance Doctor’ Petros Vournelis. Petros is a chiropractor that specialises in dancers and he will create a unique program for each student focusing on what they need to take their flexibility to the next level in a safe way.

Students will be guided, monitored and motivated to execute their specialised program by our teachers in a series of 30 minute slots. It is highly recommended you participate in 2-3 slots per week for best results. However, 1 per week is better than none!

We started this program to help not only our aspiring/committed dancers, but also the many students we see that are quite young however have very limited range of motion. A healthy body is an agile one and even with normal day to day life, you will have a healthier, injury and pain-free body into your adulthood and beyond if you can achieve good range of motion.

There will be a cost for the initial assessment but after that these classes are included in our class packages.

Pre Jnr Stretch, Strength and Technique

Pre Jnr is the perfect age to start to train your body to be strong and agile, whilst training your mind to focus on the technical specifics to master the kicks, turns, jumps and tricks in dance. Repetition and knowledge is key in building a strong, smart and well-rounded dancer. Encourage your dancer to take on this class and help them build their focus and work ethic that they can then apply in all facets of life! At TMS we believe hard work is habit to be learnt and we aim to instil this philosophy into our students.

TMS Production Company

If your child loves the stage this is the perfect opportunity for them! Perfect for beginners to experienced performers. Star in one of our many productions ranging from musicals, ballets, plays and more! Contact us for a prospectus on our next show.

TMS Recreational Classes

The perfect class for students that would like to gain the fun, friendships, and fitness from dance without any concerts and uniforms. Dance without the fuss! The classes will also give the students a taste of a variety of dance styles. The perfect place to get moving and reap the rewards of the many benefits of dance.

Intermediate Classes

Experience jazz and tap all in the one class. An optional stepping stone before the Pre Jnr level for younger students or pre jnr aged students that are absolute beginners. You must be in kindy and it is suitable for students up to year 2.

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