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2024 Enrolment Form

Please fill out the enrolment form below. A new form will need to be completed per student. We are excited to have you become a part of the Triple Menace Studios community.

Payment and Enrolment Terms and Conditions – Please read before ticking Yes above.
Please Read

Please read the following Terms and Conditions for Payment and Enrolment at Triple Menace Studios.


1. Payment options must be settled before the commencement of the student’s first payable class. This means either full invoice settled or direct debit forms submitted to Triple Menace Studios.

2. Parents are responsible for updating enrolment form when contact details have changed.

3. If you wish to drop a class or stop enrolment it is your responsibility to inform Triple Menace Studios.

4. Students are not permitted to pick up extar classes throughout the year without formally enrolling in them.

5. Students are required to have the correct footwear and uniform within 2 weeks of enrolment.

6. Do not run up and down the corridor.

7. Be quiet and respectful to the classes that are running while you wait for you class to begin.

8. No bullying whilst socialising before/after class.

9. Clean up all litter after yourself.

10. YOUNG DANCERS – We strongly recommend that all students, particulary the pre schoolers, go to the toilet before their lesson begins. 

11. Do not eat in the reception area. Please eat in the back area where the couches are and then clean up after yourself

12. For safety reasons, students are required to be ready for class on time so they do not miss out on the warm up.

13. Students are not to lean on or touch the studio mirrors.

14. Students are not to hang or swing from Barres.

15. All teaching tolls, props, visual aids and sound equipment should not be used without permission of the teacher.

16. Siblings are not permitted to be in the studio while classes are in progress.

17. Take pride in your appearance.

18. Be polite and courteous to teachers and peers at all times.