Elite Troupe Program

The Elite Troupe Program is designed for students who are serious about their dance training and want to engage in performance opportunities outside of the regular recreational stream. The Elite Troupe Program demands a high level of passion, commitment, dedication and discipline, as students within this program are expected to immerse themselves in all opportunities that are presented to them. Entry into the Elite Troupe Program is via audition only, where the students will be assessed in both technique and performance style.

Please note: when we audition students, we are not looking for perfectionism, rather a willingness to work hard and evidence of potential to grow and develop as both a person and performer.

Our purpose

Our purpose and aim of the ETP is to build strong, versatile, hard-working, passionate and driven dancers with the necessary tools to succeed in whatever avenue they pursue. The commitment and discipline of this program allows students to understand and appreciate the impact a strong work ethic has on self-growth and development, whilst simultaneously building resilience. The multitude of opportunities the program entails provides exciting pathways for dancers to explore themselves as artists, and ultimately shape them as both individuals and team players. The bond the program encourages is one in which students will make lifelong friends, develop social skills, and contribute to their overall mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.