Pre Junior Enrolment Information

Dear Students and Parents

Welcome to Triple Menace Studios!

Our philosophy is to instil in our students the right attitude required to become successful with any challenge they take on in life. From the dance studio to the classroom, hard work is a habit to be learnt. We aim to teach our students this and positively influence their work ethic so it can be adapted in all paths in life.


Triple Menace Studios has a set uniform. The uniform is compulsory. Our decision to incorporate a uniform is for the following reasons:

  • A large part of being a dancer is what you wear to class and creates a more focused dancer
  • Uniforms allow the instructor to focus on a dancer’s line, correct technique and posture
  • Wearing uniforms gives the students a sense of belonging and equality, and largely contributes to the ‘team’ atmosphere
  • Young dancers are distracted by their own dancewear. Tutus, skirts and jewelry become their focus instead of the instructor.
  • Young dancers especially understand that they are going to a structured class (compared to an unstructured class where they play)
  • Students can focus on coming to class to dance without the stress of being “in fashion”.
  • Jewelry can be dangerous

Following are the options for your uniform. You do not need all of these items; they are just all the options available to you.

Pre Junior Female


  • Triple Menace Studios Merchandise (available at reception)
  • Capezio Ballet Pink Queen Anne Tank Leotard (available to buy at our studio)
  • Black bike shorts
  • Black leggings, any length
  • Black or pale pink crop top
  • Hair in a bun or ponytail
  • No jewellery


  • Pre Primary & Primary RAD Ballet Levels – Capezio Cap Short Sleeve dress in pink (available to buy at our studio)
  • Grade 1 & 2 RAD Ballet Levels – Capezio Queen Anne Tank Leotard in Ballet Pink (available to buy at our studio)
  • Capezio Stockings in Ballet Pink (available at reception)
  • Option of pink ballet socks on warm days (available at reception)
  • Pink ballet shoes (available at reception)
  • Hair in a slick bun
  • No Skirts
  • No jewellery


  • Triple Menace Studios Merchandise (available at reception)
  • Street clothes may be worn
  • Sport/running/hip hop/high top shoes
  • No open toe shoes, sandals or socks. Shoes must be full closed and appropriate to dance in

Pre Junior Male


  • Triple Menace Studios Merchandise available at receptionBlack or navy blue leggings
  • Black shorts
  • Black or White tight fitted          t-shirt or bonds style top
  • Black or White singlet


  • Black or navy blue leggings
  • Black shorts
  • Black or White tight fitted          t-shirt or bonds style top
  • Black or White singlet
  • Black or White male leotard


  • Triple Menace Studios Merchandise (available at reception)
  • Street clothes may be worn
  • Sport/running/hip hop/high top shoes
  • No open toe shoes, sandals or socks. Shoes must be full closed and appropriate to dance in



Jazz, musical theatre,

Kicks, turns, jumps, tricks

Black Slip On Jazz Shoes, no laces. (available at reception)


Lace Up Black Tap Shoes (available at reception)


Pink ballet shoes for girls (available at reception)

Boys, please check with your teacher which colour is required for you level before you purchase a new pair.

Contemporary & Lyrical

Bare foot, contemporary thong optional. (available at reception)

Acrobatics, Aerial

Bare foot.

Drama & Singing

Comfortable, closed toe shoes.

Hip Hop

Sport/running/hip hop/high top shoes

No open toe shoes, sandals or socks. Shoes must be full closed and appropriate to dance in


Ballroom or Jazz Shoes

Pre Junior Timetable – Classes for 6-8 year olds

PARENTS, want to stay up to date with all the info?

Step 1. Keep us up to date with any changes to your email or address.

Step 2. FACEBOOK—We have a public page and a ‘closed group’ for our students and families only. We have found it a great way for students, parents and guardians to stay in touch and keep up to date with the latest news. You are welcome to submit any photos or comments to this page. The link will be emailed to you once you have enrolled.

Step 3. Remind your child to pass on any notes handed out in class or check their bag.

It is also the parents’ responsibility to:

  • Please keep us up to date with any changes to your address and contact telephone numbers. In the case of an emergency, the correct contact numbers are very important.
  • Please bring your child to class on time and in the correct uniform.
  • Please inform the office if your child is adding or dropping any classes so we can adjust your enrolment form accordingly
  • Please do not drop your child off to participate in class unless you have enrolled and paid for their classes.

Age Categories

Move with Me: 1-3 year old’s 

Mini Movers: 2-6 year old’s

Pre Jnr’s: 6-8 year old’s

Jnr’s: 9-12 year old’s

Pre Snrs: 13-15 year old’s

Snrs: 16 and over

Note: In the case where no pre snr class is offered, pre snr’s may join the snr class.

Our class age categories are taken from the age you are on the 1st of January 2021, not the age you are turning that year. Please make sure you select the correct class. Joining an older class will not make you a stronger dancer. It usually has the opposite effect. By missing the building blocks of your development and training it is like building a house on a weak foundation. Younger students also will not have the maturity to be in class with the big kids, which makes the class less enjoyable for the older students. If you have any questions about the appropriate age group for your child, please don’t hesitate to ask.

    Elite Troupe Classes

    Our Elite troupes have gained nationally recognition by winning many competitions. Entry is via audition only. If you would like to view our Elite Troupe Info Pack, please send us an email. We encourage all dancers of all abilities to give it a go!

      Ballet Classes

      A reminder that we run 2 or 3 ballet classes a week per level. For the graded RAD levels the Saturday classes focus on putting together a concert routine plus exam work, the weekday classes focus on exam work and technical training only. For the major RAD levels only the troupe class does a concert routine. This is due to the increasing level of difficulty and time required to get through the exam work.

      Please make sure you pick the correct class/es to suit your needs.

        Ballet Exams

        Do you ever see dance students perform impressive technical skills with grace and ease? Wonder where they get this amazing technique from? Two words. Ballet exams!

        It’s no secret. If you want to excel in your dance training, for ANY style of dance, you need to go through your ballet exams.

        When I meet someone new and they ask me my job, a common response I get is “I danced as a child”. This is followed by “I wish I was pushed to take ballet” or “I wish I never stopped ballet”. It’s something kids don’t appreciate until they’re older, but something they do grow to regret. Please, encourage your kids to give ballet a go. But, to really reap the benefits and rewards of ballet, they need to work towards their ballet exams.

        I can honestly say I’ve never had a student come out of an exam saying they had a negative experience. Kids thrive off discipline and truly love it. Exams leave them with a great feeling of achievement as well as seeing a great improvement in their dance technique.

        If you would like more info, please do not hesitate to send us an email.

          Payment System

          At Triple Menace Studios, our prices are extremely competitive for the standard of training we offer compared to other schools. This includes the price of our costumes, no enrolment fees, family discounts, class packages etc. We offer 2 flexible payment options for our parents. Please understand, that with whichever payment option you choose, no classes can be taken by any students unless forms have been submitted or payment has been made.

          Option 1

          Direct Debit

          Fees will be Direct Debited from your nominated account every fortnight. This will allow you to pay off the term in small amounts as opposed to a lump sum. At Triple Menace Studios we use a secure and professional Direct Debit provider called “PaymentHub”. All information about PaymentHub will be provided to you if you choose this option. PaymentHub charge fees for their Direct Debit service.

          Set up fee $5.50

          Bank Acc per transaction fee $1.35

          Visa and Mastercard 2.5% (min $1.35)

          Amex and Diners 4.8% ( min $1.35)

          Direct Debit takes time to set up so if you wish to choose this option, all forms need to be handed in before the commencement of your child’s first class.

          Option 2

          Full Payment of the term at the time of enrolment before any classes are taken.

            Prices for 2022

            30 minute classes

            $100 + GST per term

            1 hour classes

            1 class per week $160 + GST per term
            2 classes per week $320 + GST per term
            3 classes per week $480 + GST per term

            4 classes per week $640.00 + GST per term

            5-8 classes per week $650.00 + GST per term
            Unlimited classes per week $750 + GST per term
            PBT and MYSTERY are not included in the 5-8 or unlimited package.

            PBT and Mystery

            is an additional $100 + GST per term in added to a package OR $160 + GST per term as a single class

            Sibling Discounts

            Second 5% off 
            Third 15% off
            Fourth 25% off
            In the case of 5 or more siblings, classes are free.
            (Please note: sibling discounts will be taken off the fess of lesser value)

              End of Year Concert!

              Each year, our students work towards a big end of year performance, which is held at the prestigious Parade Theatre NIDA. The concert is of a high standard and is always a wonderful experience for all students involved.

              The concert is not compulsory. You will be given more information regarding the commitment required to help you decide if you would like to participate.

              If you have any questions, or would like to discuss what are the best classes for your child and their dance training, please do not hesitate to send an email to We are always happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

              Once again, thank you for choosing Triple Menace Studios as you dance training venue. We are excited to have the opportunity to be a positive influence in the development of our students.

              Kind Regards,

              The Team @ Triple Menace Studios