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We are beyond excited to confirm that the Triple Menace Studios 2021 Showcase is going ahead!

Our students have worked hard all year on their routines, and they are desperate to get them on stage. The reason I am pushing to hold the show this year instead of next is that firstly, after the long summer holiday break our younger students will have trouble remembering the routines. Secondly, we always have an influx of new students at the start of the year which will have them feeling left out or anxious to catch up quickly. Not a nice introduction to the beautiful world of the performing arts! By having our show this year, our students get to have the show they love so much and we can start 2022 fresh!

Our 2021 Show case will be held on Monday the 13th of December.


For those families who are new to Triple Menace Studios, each year we put on a fantastic show. In past years, the concert has been an amazing experience for the students and their parents and we look forward to putting on another amazing show for you all. Unfortunately, our usual venue Parade Theatre at NIDA are not allowing external hirers as they are using the theatre for their own shows only. However, we have been very lucky at secure a date at Hurstville Entertainment Centre! We are thrilled to offer an opportunity for our students to have an amazing feeling of accomplishment and a memory they will cherish forever.

Each class will prepare a routine during their scheduled lesson. Please trust that after years of producing and delivering these concerts, our methods are tried and tested and, with your co-operation, are a wonderful and memorable experience for all.

Participating in the show is a commitment from both the students and parents. We suggest you read all the information carefully before deciding if you would like to commit to participating.

It is a requirement for the school and the staff at HEC that all students rehearse throughout the day for the show. The reason we are all required to rehearse throughout the day is that firstly, we want the show to run flawlessly and with utmost professionalism. Secondly, it is a safety issue. With 200 students coming on and off stage, accidents tend to happen if you are unfamiliar with the space and your entry and exit points. I understand that some parents may not wish for their children to take time off school. This is fine as the concert is not compulsory; it’s just an opportunity for those who wish to participate. But in order to participate your child needs to rehearse throughout the day, no exceptions.


Hurstville Entertainment Centre, Marana Auditorium

16 Macmahon St, Hurstville NSW 2220


Please note: Under 6’S are not required at the rehearsal

We will have one Sunday rehearsal here at the school to practice running the show, run a dress rehearsal and prepare the children on how the show will run.

Please put this date in your diary now and keep it available.

Sunday the 5th of December

Times each group are required are:

SNRS: 9:00am-5:00pm

JNRS: 10:00am-5:00pm

PRE JNRS: 11:00am-5:00pm

There will be a $20 charge per child, or $30 per family, payable on the day for each rehearsal to cover the costs of teachers, office staff and full supervision.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Attendance to this rehearsal is compulsory.


Due to the uncertainty of Covid, we do not want to put people in the position that they are left out of pocket. Therefore we have decided to use DIY costumes again this year so in the event that the show can’t go on, we haven’t lost money purchasing costumes.
Please click on your class/es to find the information for you to organise your costume/s. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask your teacher or send us an email.


We will still charge for our  performer’s pack. It is compulsory to purchase and has amazing value. Most of you have already paid for this.

The cost is $79 and includes:

  • A HD digital copy of the show! You will receive this as a link via email to cherish the memory of the show forever. This is replacing the usual DVD. Less clutter at home and better for the environment.
  • A limited edition TMS Concert t-shirt. This t-shirt will be designed in a way so it will not date and can be worn next year also. Pre Jnr’s, Jnr’s and Snr’s will also wear this t-shirt for the finale.
  • Participation fee to cover costs of supervision on the day.

Please Note: We are unable to offer the photos in the pack as there has been a change in pricing and it was no longer viable at this package price. Instead of increasing the price of the pack, we have left it out and welcome you to take your own photos on the night.

Families with additional siblings will be charged a discounted rate of $50 for the additional dancers.


SNR students: 9:00am

JNR students: 10:00am

PRE JNR students: 11:00am


More information will be given to you closer to the date. This information will cover:

  • Purchasing Tickets
  • Sign on sheets
  • Hair/costume/make up specifics for each dance
  • What to do on the day

We provided a participation and checklist form below for you to complete confirming your child’s participation at the concert and both rehearsals. Please fill out this form promptly so preparations can begin even if you will not be participating. If you do not wish for your child to participate, I ensure they will still receive the highest quality dance training whilst being fully included and immersed in their classes.

If you have any questions regarding the concert, please don’t hesitate to call us on 9565 2112. Alternatively, you can send us an email to We are extremely excited and looking forward to seeing the kids up on a beautiful stage.


Please fill out the below form to confirm your participation in the concert. If you have decided not to participate, please still complete and submit the form below.

Please Note: Everyone is required to fill this in for the new show – the old form is no longer valid.

Example: Kids Size 10